Air Services Team

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Sevenair take pride in our highly skilled and dedicated team who, day after day, give their very best to provide you with the highest quality travelling services.

António Correia

Flight Operations Manager

António Correia is an experienced pilot with 12.650 hours of flight time since 1973. Started his career in the Portuguese Air Force where he worked until 1999. Since then he has been involved in civilian commercial operations in several operators. Joined Sevenair in 2007 as Director of the Flight Instruction Center and in 2009 assumes functions as Flight Operations Manager and Chief Pilot.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Time – 12650 hours
Multiengine CASA 212 – 2100 hours
Multiengine SHORT – 1800 hours
Multiengine ATR 42/72 – 800 hours
Multiengine DO 228 – 3200 hours
Instructor – 4720 hours

Alexandre Pestana

Security and Safety Manager

Alexandre Pestana is a professional pilot working with Sevenair in the regional lines since 2010. He flies several aircraft such as C152, C172, C172RG, C172 Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit, BE76, Socata TB9 Tampico, Piper Cherockee, Rally Commodore 893.ASOCATA, C172 ROKET and DORNIER D228.
Currently he is also Security and Safety Manager at Sevenair.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Time – 1750 hours

Sérgio Leal

Crew Training Manager

Sérgio Leal is a professional pilot working on Sevenair’s regional lines as Dornier 228 pilot in Multi Pilot Operations, acting as F/O and Captain.
Currently he is Crew Training Manager, managing all initial and recurrent technical crew training and provides ground and flight instruction and supervise it.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Hours – 3500 hours
Hours as PIC – 2600 hours
Hours as FI(A) – 1530 hours
Hours Dornier 228 – 1700 hours | 1000 hours as PIC
Instrument Flight – 2300 hours
FNPT II simulator – 125 hours
Total landings – 7000 hours

Bruno Nunes

Ground Operations Manager

Bruno Nunes joined Sevenair in 2014, assuming functions as Airline Supervisor in Madeira Airport. Since 2017 Bruno leads and manages the Ground Operations activity across the company, implementation and monitoring ramp operations standards.

Jorge Cernadas

Compliance Monitoring Manager

Jorge Cernadas has a long experience in aviation, working in this field since 1989. Joined Sevenair in 2003. After assuming positions as airline pilot, Compliance and Safety manager, nowadays he is Sevenair’s Compliance System Monitoring Manager.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Hours – 5000 hours
Hours as PIC – 3350 hours
Hours as SEP -2350 hours
Hours as MEP- 50 hours
Hours as Turbojet – 800 hours
Hours as TurboProp – 1800 hours
Hours as IFR: 3000 hours
Hours as Night Flight: 500 hours