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Airline Services

Sevenair has been transporting passengers across Continental Portugal and Madeira Island for over 20 years. We operate two routes with regular flight schedules between the following cities:

North/South Regional Airline

Portimão – Cascais – Viseu – Vila Real – Bragança

Madeira Regional Airline

Funchal – Porto Santo


Skydive Seven is our skydiving experiences school based in Portimão. We offer jumps in Tandem and Skydiving Courses over the beautiful coastal Algarve landscape.

Banner Towing

Sevenair provides commercial and personal banner towing by airplane. Using our custom made banner we help clients reach their audiences in an unique and cost-effective manner.

Hour Building

For pilots looking to improve flying skills and gain additional experience and competencies, Sevenair provides Hour Building plans to meet your needs.

Scenic Flights

Discover our hand-picked routes, or plan one yourself. Sevenair will deliver a unique and unforgettable experience.